Jeny Urith September 22, 2018

Online poker is attaining everyone’s attention towards it. Nowadays most of the gambling lovers love to play online poker as it is less time-consuming. One can have fun and can feel the ambiance of real gambling while sitting at home. It is also an easy way to make money. Few people play online poker for fun, and few people play this game as it’s a money maker game. It provides many different kinds of offers which are another reason for many people’s addiction to playing this game. Although this is a fun game, still it requires skills and practice. For the beginners, it can be a little harsh to play this game but after doing the practice, you’ll be an expert and will enjoy playing this online poker. Online poker has a wide range of different online games. You can choose any game to play as per your choice or need.

Consequences of playing online poker

Poker Online needs no introduction in today’s time as it has gained huge popularity but a question has been placed on its legalization. The question of online poker’s legalization has been raised due to the consequences of playing this game. Online is affecting the society psychologically and economically. This is the reason the government is keeping a close watch on every movement of those who are involved in this. People can come across to the consequences of playing this online poker in three ways which are as follows.

  • Social effects: As per a survey it has been found that approximately 10 million people are going through the gambling addiction problem in the USA. Despite having many positive factors behind the popularity of this game, it also has some adverse and negative effects. This game leads to job loss, severe debt issues, financial loss to many people and many more things. As per a survey, a loss in an online poker game can lead to some social crime also. If one is making easy money from this game, then they try to make a career out of this game despite knowing that this career will have no longevity.
  • Economic effects: Online gambling sites are not licensed and taxed. There is no control state revenue from any of these sites although these sites make a significant amount of money daily. This is the reason any social or educational programs will not be provided with the revenue by these sites. It is very beneficial for other companies as well such as internet service providers, phone companies, cable companies, online advertisement companies, etc. Ste government will not be able to generate revenue from all these businesses.
  • Psychological effect: Online poker also affects people psychologically. The loss in gambling leads to depression, involvement in alcohol and smoke habits, personality disorders, etc. If one is earning good money from this game, then it becomes their addiction and losing a game will be the main reason behind the depression and personality disorders.

Is online poker a real money maker?

The poker online game is real money making game, but only a few sites provide these facilities to its players. There are few sites available in the market which will allow you to bet in the game with real money. 888poker, betonline, partypoker, pokerstars, pacific poker is a few of the sites which will enable you to play for real money. Apart from this, there are few sites which accept all the currencies from a different location so that you can bet accordingly.