Jeny Urith April 20, 2018

The premier league of ice hockey i.e. NHL exists worldwide. It’s important to choose the best bookie software for NHL bettors. If you are a beginner, then before betting there are some things you must know in deep. Here are a few of the important pointers you should know.


Just as quarterbacks in football, goalies are to the game hockey. Before betting on NHL, you must have complete awareness about goalies. Although you can check statistics to know about it, deep knowledge can come by watching the game and evaluating goalies by yourself. How the other players are playing and their defensive ability impacts each goalie’s performance. The time of starting goalie’s rest and second goalie’s dexterity also holds its own importance in betting.

Puck Line and Money Line

Money line and puck line are different. Don’t get confused between these two. In money line bet, the number of goals doesn’t matter if you want to win. Instead, the consideration of bettor should be on payout odds. However, in puck line bets, the number of goals is the main point to consider and the team is required to get at least 1.5 goals to win.

Over Under or Total Bets

These bets are completely different from puck line and money line bets. What matters here to win is the total number of goals that are being scored by the team. Irrespective of whether one team is scoring each goal or both are scoring, this bet has nothing to do with it. Also, it has nothing to do with the team winning the game. All that matters is the total goals being scored.

Power Play Opportunity

One team gets an advantage over the other as a penalty for their foul. The opportunity to increase the score of the team gets augmented with this advantage. Before betting, you should do a complete study of the teams and know about the one that has more capacity to gain maximum power opportunities as the chances to win automatically gets doubled by having that.

Penalty Killing Lines

Penalty killing lines are necessary to beat the power coin opportunity of another team. If your team has the ability to erase the effectiveness of power play opportunities, then you can definitely sovereign the game. Firstly, confirm that you have the best players in the team who can kill power play opportunity.

Consideration of Schedule and Travel

It is important to understand and follow the schedule and travel. Home teams are better than road teams and in terms of scheduling, a second-day team doesn’t do well usually. The performance of farther teams is always weak, which means you will lose for sure. So, keep an eye on every team, their schedule, and how they are performing on the road, at home, and any other situation.