Jeny Urith June 5, 2018

Poker is a fun game played with cards. However the people who play card games can change the outcome with their individual style of playing. This you can experience while you play poker game against various kinds of opponents both online as well as in real casinos.

It is crucial that while playing poker games, you must observe your opponent very closely and try to understand their tendencies and playing style. Basically, all the players who play poker can either be very tight-styled or a loose-styled players. Tight players are those who play only few games particularly if he holds the best cards. On the other hand, loose player likes to play with all kinds of variances.

Now another distinction you can make for both the above styles is that how do they play. Some players play very aggressively while some are passive player. Aggressive players are those who will be ready to raise the calls and not be afraid to take any risks. Passive players will avoid taking risk as they don’t feel comfortable. While participating in various poker games available at you can find these styles of playing.

Therefore, you can categorise the player’s style into following 4 categories:

  • Tight passive

Players with this style are usually very weak player and they are always afraid to lose the game. You can always scare them by bluffing. Therefore, even if they have very good hand, they fail to win any money. If you are little observant, then you can easily identify them and capably exploit them.

  • Loose passive

Usually those who are new in this game adopt this style. Such players cannot raise the bet but like to watch the game and expect other players to take all the risks. In case you have good hands then you can milk as much you want out of them. Most of the experienced poker players often look for such players.

  • Tight aggressive

Players with aggressive style usually do not play too many games unless that have a good hand. They will take risks and raise the bet, too. They always wait for the best opportunity and usually succeed. It is better not to confront players of such style.

  • Loose aggressive

Loose aggressive players can raise the betting level to any height and are not afraid to take any risk. Generally, very experienced players adopt this style. They will bluff and put pressure on the opponent and it is difficult to play against them. Such kind of players can either lose or win.